Escorted Patient Transfer for Ambulatory Clients

Granny Go Go provides a compassionate patient transfer service to those who require assistance getting home from the hospital or another care facility...

... as long as they are ambulatory (walkers and canes okay) or if they are in a wheelchair, can stand and do a “pivot” transfer. (We will take the wheelchair too!)

Often the trip home from the hospital means linking up with an Occupational Therapist or Home Support Worker upon arrival, and this cannot always be accomplished by family members who have other commitments so a Granny Go Go team member steps in. We ensure that our clients get safely to our vehicle from their hospital room via wheelchair (regardless of their mobility as a stay in the hospital often leaves individuals quite weak) and then safely into their homes and settled. 

If the OT or HSW finds that there are things lacking in the home, (equipment, groceries, etc) we will get those items for the client (often times stopping at the Red Cross or a Pharmacy on the way) as we want to see the transition from hospital to home go as smoothly as possible. 

Patient transfer Nanaimo Vancouver Island

We also ensure that things like the call alert button (if they have one) and phone are all working and within reach of the client along with the emergency contact numbers (plus our number of course) are available to them.  We work closely with the Social Workers to ensure that clients get home safe, comfortable and happy after a hospital stay.

We will escort our clients to all locations on Vancouver Island and even the Lower Mainland and stay with our clients throughout their appointment journeys. We have escorted clients to the Cancer agencies in Vancouver and Victoria for their appointments with their oncologists; sat with them and held their hands when they have received unpleasant news and then reported back to family what transpired. 

We have escorted clients to the transplant hospital in Vancouver, when they have gotten the call that an organ has become available for them and they must get there immediately. We always escort our clients throughout their medical appointments (unless they ask us not to) as two sets of ears are always better than one. 

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