Companion Service in Nanaimo, BC

When a client receives companion service provided by a Granny Go Go team member, they don’t only have a companion but a friend. 

We firmly believe in matching up our clients with the same team member all the time so that the all-important bond of trust is formed. This bond and trust enables the team member to advocate for our client when needed, in the absence of family members; during Doctors’ appointments, hospital stays, or even if they need an advocate to speak up on their behalf if they are residing in one of the care facilities. We not only provide companionship to shut-ins, but also take clients on outings and excursions of all kinds, walks, drives, shopping, (trying on clothes, putting groceries away, selecting gifts for family and friends)  theatre, church, medical appointments, and the list goes on.

We work closely with members of our clients’ families and notify them of anything we think should be dealt with, and should a client go to the hospital the companion can be notified and then stay with the client and advocate until family can get there. (With family and client permission of course)

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Elderly woman with companion

As the client and companion get better acquainted, the companion becomes aware of the personality and needs of the client and will likely notice any changes in the clients’ behavior even before family members do.  (Especially if the family is not local) 

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