Our Future Vision and Goals

“Poverty and Poor Health” is a phrase many of us have heard far too often.  Bonnie and her team are looking for innovative ways to bridge the gap between the health care system and those  who need to receive health care the most.

Granny Go Go is currently working with a variety of professionals in the central island area to develop ways to encourage underpriveliged individuals to access proper health care.  Her team of compassionate members has demonstrated a great deal of success reaching out to those in need. We are not in a position of authority, therefore not a threat but rather  concerned individuals who are sincerely trying to help. We portray that desire in all that we do and our motto of “Always treat others as you would like to be treated”  seems to go a long way in developing trust with the underprivileged.

The other goal Granny Go Go is actively striving to create is Room and Board housing for Seniors.  Bonnie and her team are diligently persuing this goal, as she feels strongly that once Seniors reach the final chapters of their lives, they no longer wish to remain in largely populated facilities, but rather would enjoy something more intimate where they can hear and be heard.  A home where there may be 3 or 4 other Seniors, whom they could engage in stimulating conversation with; have a “mock” cocktail in front of a fireplace before a nice 3 course dinner (served with china and crystal and silver) then off to bed with a back rub and foot massage. 

A place where they could have a say in menu planning, where they could do gardening, help in the kitchen,decorate a Christmas tree; a place they could call “HOME” and a place where they know they can stay until they die, with no fear of having to move because of ailing health.

Seniors enjoying company

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