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Thank you for your interest in Granny Go Go. We are a team of patient, compassionate and dedicated individuals who believe that the "system" as we know it is broken and we are attempting with everything in our power to effect change for the better for our clients/patients.

Too many times patients have not been able to access the medical services they require due to the lack of affordable transportation. Granny Go Go is rapidly becoming known as the affordable alternative for the central island area.

Being part of the Granny Go Go team is a "feel good" job, not one where you make a lot of money, and definitely not one where you can make enough to live on. It is more designed as a supplement to an already existing income, pension, what have you.

Dedication is one of the necessary qualities of a Granny Go Go team member, because once we commit to our clients/patients, it is imperative they know they can rely on us at all times to get them to and from their appointments; be it dialysis, doctors, specialists, etc.

If you have read my website you will know that I only have two rules for each of my team members, the first rule is you always treat your client/patient the way you would want to be treated, and the second rule is we never leave a client alone. In other words we don't drop them off and let them make their own way into whichever appointment they are going to. We accompany them in and make sure they are where they are supposed to be, and with whom they are supposed to be. On many occasions we transport underprivileged clients, but treat everyone with respect and dignity, we have no way of knowing what circumstances brought them to where they are and who knows, tomorrow we could be in the same boat. 

If a team member is providing a companion service, in other words taking a client shopping, or for a drive or doing something where you must stay with the client all the time the rate to the client is $27.50 per hour plus GST and the rate to the sub-contractor is $25.00 per hour. If the sub-contractor is escorting a client to and from a medical appointment (dialysis or otherwise) I set a flat rate. Currently in Nanaimo it is $17.50 each way and Sub Contractors get $15.00. For out of town trips the rate of course increases and varies. 

  • This is a sub-contract position, you are responsible for your own fuel and vehicle expenses.
  • You must carry business insurance on your vehicle (60-100 per year more than pleasure use only roughly) 5 million liability and underinsured motorist protection. I carry an additional 5 million on all the sub-contractors.
  • You must provide me with a criminal record check and clean drivers abstract. All my sub-contractors need to have Survival First Aid and CPR, but if you don't have it I will be running a course in the near future and I pay 50% of the cost.
  • You must have a computer and/or cell phone with data, be familiar with texting, and have access to GPS and Bluetooth for hands free driving.
  • You must also be able to lift empty walkers and wheelchairs into and out of vehicles. I supply signs for your vehicles, name tags, brochures, business cards, advertising, WorkSafe coverage, first aid kits and whatever else I think you may need to perform the service well.

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