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Granny Go Go provides compassionate, caring and inexpensive companion and escorted transportation service on Vancouver Island.

Originally created as a Companion Service to Seniors, the company grew in such a way that we are now serving clients of any age, our youngest at this point being 19 and our oldest 95. 

We not only provide companionship to shut-ins, but travel and companionship for any and all outings and excursions including medical appointments of any kind.

We escort our clients all over Vancouver Island

Our Commitment is to provide a competent and caring variety of companion and transportation services, and to ensure our clients are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our Services
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We provide comfort, safety and security, a good listening ear, and do our utmost to ensure our clients have an enjoyable and memorable experience; one, we hope they will want to repeat.

We have grown from a team of 1 to a team of now 22 and counting, and have members from Campbell River in the North to the Cowichan Valley in the South and all locations in between. 

Each of our driver companions are dedicated to ensuring that all outings are upbeat, positive and fun. We work hard and have a positive attitude for our clients.

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